Chicago Bulls: Potential trades in light of Jimmy Butler report

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Trading the farm for a KAT

First of all, I would be foolish not to mention the fact that Towns will be a free agent next summer as well. The Wolves need to put together a plan of action — and quickly — in order to avoid losing both players and becoming an afterthought, once more, in a loaded conference.

Also, remember just a couple of months ago when Towns was reportedly unhappy with the Wolves and was among trade rumors at the time. This could be perfect timing for a deal.

This first fantasy trade package would see Butler staying in Minnesota, if that’s who the Wolves see as their centerpiece going forward. Personally, I would think Towns makes a much more suitable centerpiece, given his offensive versatility, but this argument could go either way.

If Butler were to agree to an extension, the Wolves could ship Towns off to the Bulls at least knowing they have an All Star in the fold for years to come. Butler is one of the best two-way players in the game, and the Wolves have to believe he could attract fellow free agents in the future.

Heck, another recent report said that Kyrie Irving and Butler want to team up together in the future. Could this be the opportunity they are looking for? It just might.

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For the Bulls, Towns gives them the best front court in the Eastern Conference, hands down. They immediately launch themselves into playoff contention and, who knows, could end up shocking some folks come May and June of 2019.

The most important aspect of this trade, and the only thing making it fully worthwhile, is if the Bulls can go into this knowing Towns would agree to an extension. Chicago has the cap space to make it happen, the only question would be whether Towns wants to be there long-term.