Chicago Bulls: Potential trade packages for Lonzo Ball

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Trade Package Number Two:

Chicago Bulls Acquire: Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, 2019 Second-Round Pick (From Bulls)

Los Angeles Lakers Acquire: Rights to Zach Lavine, 2021 Second-Round Pick

Let’s imagine that the Lakers do one of two things:

  1. Trade for Leonard before dealing Ball

  2. Take themselves out of consideration for Leonard

The deal would no longer be tailored for the Spurs if the Lakers already acquire Leonard, or if they don’t acquire him at all.

So why would the Lakers even think about dealing Ball?

Believe it or not, theres plenty of reason why.

First, the Lakers might not be too happy with Ball. Recently, the team asked Ball and fellow rookie Kyle Kuzma to tone down their “roasting” of each-other. If the Lakers feel that the joking is getting out of hand and that it’s effecting the team’s chemistry and play, the Lakers could decide to deal Ball.

Secondly, Ball’s family might not be in a great place with the Lakers front office. Last week, the Lakers decided against inviting Ball’s brother LiAngelo to participate on their Summer League team. The decision went against the words of Lavar, would almost definitely angered him, and could influence a decision to move elsewhere.

Now the returns. This time, the return is for the Lakers needs, not the Spurs.

We’ll take a look at the Bulls return first. We’ve already mentioned how Ball would be a great fit in Chicago, so theres no need to say whats already been said. In addition to the Lakers returning the Bulls second rounder, the Lakers could send over another young player of less value.

Josh Hart is the perfect candidate to fit that role.

The 2017 second rounder out of Villanova had a productive year off the bench for the Lakers, averaging nearly eight points per game on 47% shooting.

With the Lakers expected to add at least one elite player this summer, Hart would be left without a role on the Lakers. The Lakers wouldn’t think twice about dealing Hart, especially with the return from the Bulls.

The Bulls have been rumored to have been shopping Lavine this past month, and given the fact that he’s a restricted free-agent, the Bulls would have no problem sending him away to relieve them of any financial burden.

The Lakers would certainly be interested in Lavine, who spent his college season at UCLA. Lavine would fit in nicely with Leonard and/or Paul George, as Lavine could fill any void left by dealt players from Los Angeles such as Ball, Kuzma or Ingram.

Obviously this trade is the less-likely of the two, but if the Lakers decide to give up on Ball, taking a chance on Lavine makes sense. It certainly makes sense for the Bulls, who might not be willing to match a max offer to Lavine, and would want something in return rather than letting him walk.

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