Chicago Bulls: Potential trade packages for Lonzo Ball

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Trade Package No. 1:

Chicago Bulls acquire: Lonzo Ball, 2019 second round pick (from Bulls)

Los Angeles Lakers acquire: Kris Dunn, Bobby Portis

As detailed in the tweet, the Lakers are looking to move Ball with the intention of flipping the return to the Spurs in a package for Leonard.

To accommodate that rumor, this trade package is tailored to fit the Spurs needs, rather than the Lakers.

First, lets take a look at the Bulls return.

As aforementioned, Ball would fit nicely into the Bulls lineup as the primary ball-handler. Balls efficiency on the glass would accommodate the play of Markkanen and Carter nicely, while taking pressure off of other guards.

The Bulls likely wouldn’t be all for giving up two young players for one, so it makes sense for the Lakers to return the Bulls 2019 second rounder, that the Lakers have the rights to, back to Chicago to finish off the swap.

Now for the Lakers (Spurs) return.

Assuming that the Lakers use both pieces from the trade to acquire Leonard, it makes sense to analyze the return directly to San Antonio rather than Los Angeles.

In Dunn, the Spurs would be getting their point guard of the future. Tony Parker turned 36 earlier this year, so Dunn could spend a season on the bench learning behind a future Hall-of-Famer in Parker before stepping into the lead guard role.

The second piece of the package, Bobby Portis would be the ideal high-energy guy off the bench for Gregg Popovich. Portis’ effort and ability on defense coupled with his passion and productivity make him the perfect fit for Pop in San Antonio.

Both Dunn and Portis have been the subject of trade rumors during their stints in Chicago, so the Bulls would certainly be willing to deal one, if not both of the two in a deal for Ball.