Chicago White Sox: Jose Abreu to the… Red Sox?

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Jackie Bradley Jr.
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 09: Jackie Bradley Jr. /

If the Chicago White Sox are fully committed to the rebuild as they say they are, trading Jose Abreu could be the right move. What could they get for him?

Anybody who has been listening to baseball news for the past few weeks has heard the name Jose Abreu. Besides the Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees news, and Shohei the Japanese wonder-boy to the Angels, Abreu has been the biggest name to pop up in rumors. Many teams may be calling for the veteran first baseman. If one of those offers is right, the White Sox may pull the trigger on trading him.

Signed by the White Sox in 2013, Abreu made his debut the following year for the major league team. That rookie season? Phenomenal. Jose wound up winning the coveted rookie of the year award in dominating fashion, finishing with 150 first place points, the next closest was Matt Shoemaker with 40 such points.

Since that year, Abreu has been just as good if not better than advertised. In 4 season with the White Sox, he has hit over 25 homers in each of them, totaling 124. Being a great talent means very little in terms of legacy if the player never wins a World Series. Then again, nobody knows just what Jose Abreu wants.

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No matter what he wants, one thing is for certain, the White Sox want to get younger and trading their long-time veteran first baseman could provide them with even more prospects to add to the plethora of in their minor-league system.

Jose Abreu to the…. Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox and the White Sox have a history of making trades. Just recently, the Red Sox sent Michael Kopech, Yoan Moncada, Luis Basabe, and Victor Diaz for Chris Sale . That trade appears to be working out for both teams, Sale looks like an ace every time he goes to the mound. Depending on what the White Sox plans are for Michael Kopech, 2 of the players they received could be on the opening day roster, as Moncada is all but certain to be a starter.

Teams that trade with each other routinely know each other, that is why they make for great trade partners. Nobody is trying to rob one team in a trade with lowball offers.

There are reasons for both teams to make a trade centered around Jose Abreu. The Red Sox reasoning being that they are currently without a first baseman on the roster capable of even playing the position. Hanley Ramirez, who they once tried out at the position, seems likely to be the teams fulltime DH. Also, Mitch Moreland barring some mistake that Dave Dombrowski makes will be gone.

Trading Jose Abreu to the Red Sox could proved the White Sox with a couple key prospects to start speeding up the rebuild even faster. Any trade will likely include some type of major league level talent, along with one or two minor-leaguers.

The Trade

White Sox receive: Jackie Bradley Jr., Sam Travis, Bobby Dalbec

Red Sox receive: Jose Abreu

Getting Jackie Bradley Jr. would be the key to this deal. In his time with the Red Sox, Bradley has shown plenty of times that he is among the best defensive outfielders in the entire league. Willing to put his body on the line by diving for any ball is something every team should want. At only 27 years old, Bradley is still young to be the star on the White Sox if they believe in him enough.

Sam Travis and Bobby Dalbec are not the usual throw-ins for a trade. In less than a year, Travis could become the first baseman for the Chicago White Sox with the departure of Abreu. The Red Sox tried him at third base in the minors, however that did not work. Bobby Dalbec could eventually become the steal of this trade. Coming out of Arizona teams believed in his power, and that power will get him to the major leagues, it’s only a matter of time.

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If the Chicago White Sox are desperate to get away from Jose Abreu, and the Red Sox come calling with this trade or a trade similar to this, they must accept it. What do you think of this trade? Let us know in the comments below.