Nate Robinson wants to play for the Chicago Bulls again

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 29: Nate Robinson
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 29: Nate Robinson /

Nate Robinson expressed his desire to play for the Chicago Bulls again yesterday. Could/should the Bulls have any mutual interest?

This Chicago Bulls season is already swiftly circling the toilet bowl as the team sits at 3-19. At this point, the development of guys like Kris Dunn and Lauri Markannen is the only reason to watch.

That and just morbid curiosity about how bad this team is going to be (*raises hand sheepishly*).

Would they be interested in bringing back an old friend who, at the very least, could spice things up a bit?

Former Chicago Bulls fan favorite Nate Robinson is looking for work in the NBA again after some time in the G-League and overseas; he last played for the New Orleans Pelicans two years ago. And it sounds like he wants to make a Windy City return.

Here’s what he posted on Instagram just yesterday about a certain team needing his “hard work”:

Before considering the actual merit of signing him, can we admit how funny that could potentially be?

Anyone who loves entertaining, if not slightly ridiculous, basketball loves Robinson and his shameless chucking ways. He plays with unquenchable energy and effort despite his 5’9” frame, and he’s never backed down from a thing in his life.

In a lot of ways, he makes me think of a much shorter, better shooting version of Antonio Blakeney: just play like your hair is on fire, and never, ever pass the basketball once it gets to you. Shoot it every single time.

Adding to that point, I know you’re thinking it, too: Robinson would be legendarily tanktastic for that reason. And besides, who would you rather watch jack up terrible shots: Robinson or someone like Jerian Grant?

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At least Robinson’s terrible shots have the potential to go in, leaving him wildly parading around the court in front of a raucous crowd.

Ah…that’d be fun. But unless you pick him up in 2K, don’t bet on it actually happening.

Robinson may indeed have something in the tank off the bench at 33 years old. But they already have enough shameless chuckers—looking at basically the entire backcourt aside from Dunn—on the team without him. Adding him would just be overkill at this point.

Also, aside from a few surprising sneak-attack blocks, Robinson’s not going to lock anyone down defensively. Even for as great an athlete as Robinson is, there’s only so much you can do defensively at 5’9” sometimes.

And do the Chicago Bulls really need Robinson as a veteran presence on the bench?

I’m not saying that as if he’s some kind of cancer—haven’t heard that—but what’s he really going to tell young Bulls guards? Shoot more? I think they have that covered already.

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Bottom line: as fun as it would be, I don’t see a ton of practical use in signing Robinson right now.

Then again, if someone got hurt and the Chicago Bulls needed some bench scoring…I’m cool with giving him a holler. I’d absolutely watch that glorious mess.