Bonzie Colson could be the next 2nd round gem

SOUTH BEND, IN - NOVEMBER 16: Jalen Stephens-Holmes
SOUTH BEND, IN - NOVEMBER 16: Jalen Stephens-Holmes /

Currently Bonzie Colson is dominating college basketball, could he be playing in the NBA next season?

Many years ago, players who were drafted in the second round were just a formality. Teams needed bench players to fill the end of their bench, and they selected players who would best fit that role. In recent years, the NBA has taken towards finding the next great second round gem. The modern NBA is all about young freshmen based on potential, seniors rarely get taken in the first round anymore. Bonzie Colson, currently in his senior season for Notre Dame basketball has a stones throw chance at being drafted in the first round, although in all likelihood he will be selected in the second round. Could he become the next hidden gem that teams regret passing on?

Before we get into the case of Bonzie Colson, let’s talk about a few players on list of top 15 active second round picks.

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Marc Gasol

Drafted with the 47th pick by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2007, the Lakers made the decision to trade him to the Memphis Grizzlies for his brother, Pau Gasol. In all fairness, the trade seems to have worked out for both parties. Pau helped the Lakers win multiple titles, and Marc has been an integral part of the Grit N Grind Grizzlies over the past decade. He won the Defensive Player of the Year in the 2012-2013 season, along with securing multiple All-Star bids, including starting against his own brother. Intrigue surrounding Gasol in 2017 involves him possibly being traded, David Fizdale was just fired, and the Grizzlies could choose to move Marc in order to signal a change in culture.

Draymond Green

When thinking of players that teams regret passing on, the Warriors Point Forward has to be on top of that list. Drafted by the Warriors as a senior coming out of Michigan State in 2012, Green embodied the teaching style of Tom Izzo, be good at everything never great at one thing. By looking at Draymond’s stats since he was drafted, he has been just that. With career averages of 9 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists, no player is more important to their team without being the best player than Draymond is.

Bonzie’s advantage

The case of whether Bonzie Colson deserves to be a first round draft pick, or sleep to the second is a fickle one. 15 years ago, he could have been a top 10 pick. As a big man who can stretch the floor, and post up inside, Colson provides an array of unique skills that will make him a fan favorite in the NBA.

If he were to come out of college as a junior after last season, Bonzie could have been drafted late in the first round. However, after an NCAA tournament loss, he chose to come back to Notre Dame in search of a title. Against all odds, he has improved statistically in almost every category. Averaging 20 points, 10 rebounds and almost 3 blocks a game will get looked at come combine time when teams make their evaluations.

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If Bonzie Colson continues his stellar play, leading the Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball team to a deep NCAA tournament run, Colson could be hearing his name in the first round. Even if he is not selected in the first round, some team will take a flier on Bonzie in the later round.