Chicago Bears look like college team in 31-3 loss to Philadelphia Eagles

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears turned in an even more limp performance than expected in 31-3 loss to the NFL-leading Philadelphia Eagles.

At this point, I’m not sure which thing feels like a bigger chore: watching the Chicago Bears or writing about them. I’m truthfully not very interested in doing either, but hey, that’s the job.

Still, guys, would it kill the Bears to not be so abjectly terrible at football? I mean, seriously?

Today’s 31-3 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles showed, once again, how few redeeming qualities this football team truly has.

Their coaching staff, particularly on the offensive side, continues to put together embarrassingly poor game plans. On top of that, their lack of discipline continues to manifest itself, as if the Bears enjoy shooting themselves in the foot at the worst possible times.

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But let’s not blame it all on the coaching staff. The players looked bad enough on their own.

As much as I like Mitch Trubisky, he had his worst game yet throwing the football.

He sailed throws consistently, got picked because he badly telegraphed a throw and generally looked out of sorts. He finished just 17-of-32 for 147 yards and two interceptions.

The running game the Chicago Bears wanted to establish? Well, going up against the top-ranked run defense did not do well for them.

Jordan Howard managed seven carries and six yards. Six. In fact, that’s how much the entire team gained. Six. Yards. Trubisky led the team with 12. The offensive line lost Josh Sitton early, but even before that, they were thoroughly outclassed in this one.

Hard to run a conservative, run-heavy game plan when you can’t run.

And the defense?

Don’t let the three forced fumbles and two turnovers fool you. They’ve been progressively been playing worse for the last three weeks. Today was just the culmination of it. 390 total yards.

Plus, Alshon Jeffery got his revenge with a touchdown catch. That’s gotta sting a little bit.

For goodness’ sake, even the special teams joined in the fun.

Pat O’Donnell shanked at least one punt and had one partially blocked. Cairo Santos missed his first field goal attempt as a Bear. Tarik Cohen‘s 39-yard return thankfully offset his first two returns going for an average of 16 yards.

Watching the now 10-1 Eagles should give the Bears an idea of what they’d like to see from the Chicago Bears next year, particularly given what they’ve done with their second-year star quarterback Carson Wentz. That’s your glimmer of hope, guys.

Still, it should also remind Chicago Bears fans just how far the Bears have to go before they’ll actually resemble anything like a real Super Bowl contender.

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In the end, I was already at this point with the Chicago Bears, but I’m even more there now: I cannot wait for this season to be over.

And judging by the way they played today, I think they probably can’t wait either.