2018 NFL Draft: Top three draft needs for the Chicago Bears

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At which positions do the Chicago Bears most need to upgrade in the 2018 NFL Draft?

At this point, Chicago Bears fans can basically look forward to two things for the rest of this season: watching Mitch Trubisky develop and projecting who the team will take in the 2018 NFL Draft next year.

As usual, the Bears will have a number of positions of need to fill. In doing so, they’ll have a few fairly specific questions to answer that can help light their way.

First and foremost: can we make things easier for Trubisky, our chosen franchise quarterback?

So far, we’ve had to watch him fight through not having great talent around him, particularly in the receiving corps, to start his young career. One would hope this isn’t the start of a pattern. If it is, then Trubisky will never become what Ryan Pace and Bears fans are envisioning.

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The moves the Bears make with the coaching staff will have plenty to bear on Trubisky’s fate as well, but let’s also not forget the talent deficiencies on offense. Coaching can only cover that up so much.

And secondly: how can the Chicago Bears slow down opposing passing attacks?

When healthy, the Bears have played dominant run defense at times and performed adequately against the pass. But adequate still isn’t quite enough, especially when they struggle to take the ball away.

If the Bears truly want to develop into an elite defense, they’re still a player or two away. Can they find those players in the 2018 NFL Draft?

Let’s take an early look at the biggest draft needs for the Chicago Bears in 2018. We’ll talk about things more in-depth over the next few months, but for now, this will mainly focus on the first few rounds.