Chicago Bears must find a kicker to replace Connor Barth

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Connor Barth
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Connor Barth /

After Sunday’s poor performance from kicker Connor Barth, the Bears must be on the search for a new kicker for next week.

If Sunday’s kicking job shows us what Connor Barth is, then he must be replaced. Simple as that. The Chicago Bears were squarely in contention for the victory, behind the arm and the legs of Mitchell Trubisky. Only, it was up to Barth to secure the tie to send the game to overtime to give the Bears at least a chance to win. As fans would expect at this point in the season, he shanked it. Wide right. WIDE right.

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When the Bears released longtime kicker Robbie Gould in the early stages of the 2016 season and replaced him with Barth, many fans were clamoring for changes. This cannot be the changes they were hoping for.

In 2016, Barth went 18-23. So far this season, accuracy has only gotten worse, as he has hit 11-16. What has Robbie Gould been doing in the meantime? He has played for 2 teams since the Bears released him last season, the Giants and the 49ers. In those 2 season he has completed 29-31. Wow. It’s almost as if the Bears should have game him one more chance.

After the game, head coach John Fox appeared to have had some choice words for his kicker in the form of a diss, “”It’s like everything. We are a production-based business. That’s what we get paid to do, whether it is winning games as a head coach or whether it’s making kicks as a kicker. We will evaluate it,”. Hearing those words from a coach is never a good thing, Barth must be feeling the pressure. Will he last to Sunday for one last chance?

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There are quite a few options out there, most notably Andy Phillips and Robert Aguayo, who both have spent time with the Bears this season. Could we be seeing one of them making field goals for the Bears next week? Only time will tell.