What we learned from the Chicago Bears loss to the Packers

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Chicago Bears John Fox
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John Fox dug his own grave

I can not say enough about how brutal of a loss this is for John Fox. As I said earlier, you factor in that the Bears were coming off of a bye, and you have yourself a “must win” if you are John Fox and the Chicago Bears. His team had two weeks to prepare for Brett Hundley, for crying out loud. The Packers were playing on a short week!

Not to mention, the Chicago Bears were favorites against the Packers for the first time since 2008. Think about that.

Also, the way he makes Loggains call the games is just wrong. It would benefit Trubisky and the offense to throw more on first down. This was something they finally did towards the end of the game.

I recall Fox broadcaster Chris Spielman saying that if he were Dowell Loggains that he would be pleading with Fox to allow him to throw more on early downs. Now, Loggains has been bad too, but all of this stems from Fox.

The worst part of the game, was when running back Benny Cunningham was marked just short of a touchdown on a screen-pass. Fox thought it was just a dandy idea to challenge it, because he thought it was a touchdown. After review, it was deemed that Cunningham lost possession and the ball hit the pylon, which resulted in a touchback. Fox shot himself in the foot!

Not only that, but Fox’s team looked completely unprepared and undisciplined.

You can not win in the NFL, with performances like this. Under John Fox, the zero-accountability and lack of focus has become standard. The Chicago Bears are in dire need of a new head coach. Fortunately, Benjamin Allbright has heard that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, keep your heads up Bears fans. Change is on the horizon. Black Monday can not come soon enough.

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I feel like this year’s Bears are the 2016 Los Angeles Rams, who had an older, washed up coach and a rookie quarterback. We have half a season left to watch Trubisky grow, and then we may finally get our Sean McVay!