Chicago Bulls: Find a way to get rid of Nikola Mirotic

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The Chicago Bulls have seemingly sided with Bobby Portis over Nikola Mirotic. As such, whether they trade him or cut him, they need to cut bait with Mirotic as soon as possible.

Before I get into this topic in earnest, I’ll say this: I probably would’ve cut Bobby Portis pretty much the moment I found out what he did to Nikola Mirotic if I was the general manager of the Chicago Bulls.

Regardless of his talent and potential, I just feel like that’s not someone I’d personally want on my team. Of course, I probably would’ve looked to trade Mirotic, too, but that’s beside the point. This team and organization have enough dysfunction without them adding to it.

However, no one in the Bulls’ front office cares what I think, so I’ll just judge them based on what they’ve decided.

By the looks of it, the Bulls have decided to rally around Portis and side with him in his feud with Mirotic. And if that’s how they’re going to play it, I think It’s pretty clear what Gar Forman has to do now.

Get Mirotic out of town.

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Of course, try to get something for him if you can, though I don’t think any team wants to surrender a first-round pick for Niko. And if that doesn’t work and cash considerations doesn’t do it for you, cut him. Immediately. It’s time to move on.

For one thing, having this specter hanging over your team is bad enough.

How awkward is it for everyone to know that Mirotic and Portis, both currently under contract with the team, can’t even exist in the same space right now? Who needs that kind of distraction?

Plus, given that Mirotic apparently isn’t well-liked to the point that the Bulls locker room would side with the guy who put him in the hospital, doesn’t that make your decision about his future pretty clear?

And if you need more incentive, just look at how Portis has played in his return from suspension.

Portis has had an inconsistent couple of years with the Bulls thus far, no doubt. But right now, he’s playing like a guy who understands what his game is.

Side note: have you ever watched Niko Mirotic play and thought, “Man, that guy’s playing really sound basketball right now”?

As much as the Chicago Bulls love overvaluing their players, they need to get real about Mirotic’s prospects. If you want draft picks, he’s worth a second-rounder at best. His hot streaks are few and too far between, and he now has this incident following him. If GarPax hold out for a first-round pick for Mirotic, teams will laugh them off the phone.

If you won’t trade him for less, then there’s only one thing to do: cut him. Release him outright, and let him go wherever he wants.

If another team signs him on the cheap, fine. If he flees the states and goes back to Europe, whatever. At this point, it no longer matters.

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The Chicago Bulls have decided they’re rolling with Portis. Sure, they want the two of them to act like professionals and just deal with it, but I personally don’t think there’s any real coming back from this.

Let Mirotic get back to full health, wait for that January 15th deadline and then cut the rope one way or another. Keeping him around with any hope that this will blow over is a headache the Chicago Bulls organization just doesn’t want.

I know Bulls fans don’t want it, either.