Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers team grades: Bad all around

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Defensive Line: F

I really hope this was just the product of the Bears being underprepared coming out of the bye week. Because I will really hate it if the defensive front plays so listlessly for the rest of the year.

Akiem Hicks, to his credit, picked up two tackles for loss and continues his All-Pro level campaign. But as a whole, the Bears got bullied up front.

They just let Jamal Williams (who?!?) help close them out of a game with 67 yards on 20 carries. Plus, no one even breathed on Ty Montgomery during his easy 37-yard touchdown run.

I realize that Eddie Goldman’s job isn’t necessarily to make a lot of tackles, but in this case, the fact that he only registered one actually speaks fairly well to how little he impacted the game.

Mitch Unrein missed like 16 tackles and generally was never part of any play. I’m really hoping Jonathan Bullard starts showing more in practice, because I think he does more with his limited playing time than Unrein does at any time, more or less.

Bottom line: the Bears pride themselves on their strength up front, and the Packers punched them in the mouth. Repeatedly. That, arguably more than anything, is why the Bears couldn’t take advantage of Hundley.

Thank goodness Aaron Rodgers didn’t play in this game. It could’ve been horrifying.

Linebackers: D-

Danny Trevathan is a pretty good linebacker, isn’t he?

If nothing else, this Chicago Bears defense simply looks a whole lot better with him than without him. Nick Kwiatkoski and Christian Jones had poor fits on Montgomery’s touchdown run and generally didn’t play with the same speed and ferocity that Trevathan has of late.

Kwiatkoski did have a sack, however, so that was a welcome development.

Aside from a shared sack between Sam Acho and Leonard Floyd, the outside linebackers didn’t do much of anything in this one either. Well, Pernell McPhee stood around pointing shamefaced at himself for letting Brett Hundley escape the pocket on a scramble. True, that happened.

Is Floyd ever going to torch people when we expect him to? Or is this he just going to keep teasing us with the idea of his dominance?

Goodness knows the Bears could’ve used the dominant version of Floyd yesterday.

Secondary: D-

After playing really solid football all year, Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara just didn’t have it yesterday.

Fuller got beaten routinely by Davante Adams down the field and missed several tackles on short throws as well. That last part especially is pretty puzzling as far as he’s concerned.

Also, can Fuller catch an interception? Just one time? Please.

Amukamara got dinged for a pretty ticky-tack pass interference call on Jordy Nelson. Other than that, he didn’t really impact the game either. The only other time I remember seeing him was watching him chase Montgomery on his touchdown run.

No one egregiously burned Eddie Jackson or Adrian Amos deep, so that works as a positive, I guess. Still, neither impacted the game much.

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Truthfully, that more or less sums up the Chicago Bears defense yesterday. Hicks can say that no one on the Packers impressed him if he wants, of course. But no one on the defense did much of anything impressive either.

Also, as far as coaching staff grades go, I’m going with a Z. Can’t get much worse than the last letter of the alphabet, can you?