Chicago Bears: Time for Leonard Floyd to destroy the Packers

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

With a reeling Green Bay Packers team on the docket, it’s time for Leonard Floyd to truly assert his dominance for the Chicago Bears..

In the midst of a potentially unfortunate season, Chicago Bears fans can rejoice in this at least: the Green Bay Packers are utterly wretched without Aaron Rodgers.

Really, though.

Saying they simply look “mortal” without him doesn’t quite capture it. They’re as beatable as Superman in a Kryptonite cape with Brett Hundley at quarterback.

And to make matters worse for them, they may have just lost starting right tackle Bryan Bulaga to a significant knee injury.

For his own sake, I hope Bulaga’s injury isn’t as bad as it seems.

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At the same time, one can’t help but think what hell Leonard Floyd could now bring off the edge when the Bears and Packers meet at Soldier Field on Sunday.

With the way he and this defense have played of late, I have a feeling this could get really ugly.

Floyd set up to dominate once again

Now, on one hand, we probably figured he’d dominate in Week 4 at Lambeau Field, and that never really materialized.

He had one sack, but given that he was working against an undrafted right tackle with all Green Bay’s injuries for that game, you expect more from a guy of Floyd’s caliber.

Since that game, though, Floyd’s made himself far more conspicuous as the defense has started to flourish.

After collecting his first sack of the season in that game, he racked up four over his next four games to sit at 5.0 coming into Sunday.

He’s been all over the field: hunting the quarterback, setting the edge and covering running backs stride for stride down the sideline.

For goodness’ sake, he’s hurdling people in the backfield.

In short, he’s starting to morph quickly into that impact player we expected him to be this season.

Now, it’s time to unleash him with full fire against a Packers offense that becomes more decimated each day.

There’s no Aaron Rodgers to save them now. And though they’ll undoubtedly try to get the ball out of Hundley’s hands quickly, that may serve this aggressive Bears’ defensive backfield just fine. I have a feeling at least one of Hundley’s throws will find a Chicago Bears target this weekend.

And eventually, Hundley will have to take a 5+-step drop against this defense. And when he does, Floyd must be ready to pounce.

If the Packers’ game plan from their first meeting is any indication, they won’t double-team him overmuch. In fact, last time, that only happened twice all game, which further makes Floyd’s relatively quiet game seem odd.

If that plan holds this time, Floyd must make them pay. With Pernell McPhee operating at closer to full capacity than he has for a while, he’ll keep the Packers’ left side occupied. Floyd must destroy them from the right.

Torch whatever poor soul has to single-block him on the edge. Collapse the pocket. And make sure the long-striding Hundley doesn’t escape.

Floyd spent the Carolina game chasing Cam Newton around the field, so he should use that as a primer for how to deal with a quarterback who’s dangerous when he breaks contain.

If the Chicago Bears really want a shot at surprising this division, they must step on the Packers’ neck Sunday. And that onus to dominate will fall firmly on the defense, as per usual.

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In particular, this is Floyd’s time to truly assume his mantle as this defense’s best player. Hopefully, the roll he’s on can continue after the bye week, starting with a destroyer-of-worlds performance against a Packers team just begging to be beaten down.