Thank you for everything you’ve done with the Chicago Bears, Zach Miller

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Chicago Bears Zach Miller
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Here are a few of many highlights Miller had with the Chicago Bears

This first highlight was Miller’s one-handed, game-winning touchdown against the San Diego Chargers in 2015. The concentration Miller had on this play was superb.

Miller had a 107-yard performance with two touchdowns against the St. Louis Rams, in 2015. Here is the first touchdown. You can hear the broadcaster say that Miller was staring at the big screen to make sure he was not going to be chased down from behind.

Here is Miller’s second touchdown. It was a great play design by then-offensive coordinator Adam Gase. Miller acted like he was blocking on the play but sneaked past the defenders for an easy touchdown. He had five catches that day against the Rams.

In 2016, Miller caught a touchdown from Brian Hoyer against the Detroit Lions. This helped the Chicago Bears pick up their first victory of the season. It was a simple out route by Miller, but he makes it look simple. He has always been a tremendous route runner.

Miller also had a nice game in 2016 against the New York Giants. Miller broke his foot in this game, which is a shame because he was having a great game. I always love the various touchdown celebrations Miller has, too.

Here was a nice catch down the middle by Miller, who showed great concentration and use of his hands. He was able to outstretch his arms to make the play.

Like I said earlier, Miller has had many highlights over the course of his career. It is too hard to show them all.

His presence on the field will be missed. He is a veteran player that is looked up to in the locker room.

I hope that the Chicago Bears give him a gig on their television network, similar to what they gave  Anthony Adams and Lance Briggs. Miller is a very good speaker and has a great football mind, from what I have seen.

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All of us at Da Windy City wish him a speedy recovery.