Thank you for everything you’ve done with the Chicago Bears, Zach Miller

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Chicago Bears Zach Miller
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Updates on Miller’s recovery

We all woke up to some very scary news on Monday morning. I have never met Miller in my life, yet I could not stop thinking about him. I know a lot of us were praying for him. To never play football again is one thing, but to not be able to enjoy his life is another. I could not imagine him not being able to play with his children the way he wants to.

The good news is that the surgery was successful. The surgeons in New Orleans were able to take a vein out of the uninjured leg and put it in the hurt leg.

Just to show you how great of a person Zach Miller is, personnel from the Jacksonville Jaguars (whom he played with from 2009-2012) were also concerned.

Miller still has a ways to go as far as recovery is concerned. When he will return back to Chicago remains a question. With a knee injury like his, flying back to Chicago is not ideal because he needs to avoid altitude.

Now, I would also like to show some of Miller’s best career moments with the Chicago Bears.