Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints: Offensive Grades

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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B

In the world of the Chicago Bears, it only makes sense that yesterday should unfold the way it did.

On a day when the Bears may have found themselves a useful pass-catcher in Tre McBride, they lost one of their other top receivers, Zach Miller, for the rest of the season.

Chicago Bears law of averages, people.

The plays on which McBride went off are exactly the kinds of plays most of us have been clamoring for four weeks.

His 45-yarder came on a deep cross against zone, allowing him to use his speed up the field.

And the 25-yard catch and run he had later came on a flat route in which he was schemed open against zone defense. Imagine that: the Bears used motion and picks to get a guy open.

Hopefully, when Dontrelle Inman hits the field, we’ll see Moore play designs just like that. And the Bears will definitely need them. Because they still can’t get open against a man coverage.

When he gets in the lineup, there’s a good chance Tanner Gentry‘s about to take a seat. He’s really…not good.

And without Miller, things could get far more difficult for the Bears as far as facing man-coverage. Aside from Wright, no one has proven that they can win on their own. Now, their second-best pass-catcher is lost and is battling to keep his leg.

By the way, that officiating crew should be ashamed of what it did to him yesterday. He had the wherewithal and mental toughness to hold onto that football all the way to the ground despite his leg breaking, and then because he set it down to grab his leg, it’s not a catch??

What a disgusting denial of a great effort, and what a bitter way to likely end a career for Miller. That said, that should be the least of everyone’s concerns right now.

Time to see what Adam Shaheen‘s made of now, I guess.