Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints: Offensive Grades

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Offensive Line: C-

The problems of the Chicago Bears offense have a ton to do with the play calling, but we also can’t ignore some shoddy execution of the offensive line that contributed to some of the struggles.

Now, to be fair, let’s give them props for what they did alright, and that was run blocking.

Jordan Howard finished with 102 yards on 23 carries, and Cohen had a leaping goal-line touchdown. Excluding quarterback runs, the Bears mustered a solid if not spectacular 4.4 yards per carry.

One of us could’ve gained 20 yards with that hole.

On the other hand, their pass protection shows some gaping holes on occasion.

Trubisky did have a few plays where he did have adequate time to scan the defense and decide what to do with football. And for a second straight week, not every sack was on the offense of line. Sometimes, Trubisky either needs to just throw the ball away if everyone is covered or just get out of Dodge.

But there were a couple of plays where he had absolutely no chance, especially on third downs. I’m not fond of watching Charles Leno and Bobby Massie race to see who can get pushed back into the quarterback’s lap the fastest.

Plus, Kyle long and now has another injury to worry about. and that should concern us given how injuries, particularly to his ankle, have affected his play thus far.

The offense of line has a fairly unenviable job trying to block plays that defenses basically know are coming every week. But, we still have to assess them based on how they do that job. And right now, it’s clear that they’re not quite at last year’s level in terms of their play.