Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints: Offensive Grades

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The Chicago Bears offense continues to hold this team back, and Mitch Trubisky can’t save them just yet.

Those last couple of weeks were pretty nice, weren’t they, Chicago Bears fans?

I mean, who doesn’t like being able to win without having to score a lot of points? I can’t think of a team who wouldn’t like that, as long as they get the win.

But the time of being spoiled by defensive touchdowns galore came to an abrupt end against the New Orleans Saints. Heck, the Bears defense even got two more takeaways, balled out and it didn’t matter. As yesterday reminded us, reality is a real you-know-what.

Because even when you think this team is turning a corner, they have a way of reminding you what they really are: a team that’s not ready for primetime just yet.

Well, the offense isn’t anyway.

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I am still confident that Mitch Trubisky can be the franchise quarterback that the Chicago Bears hope he can be. A few games in his rookie season don’t change that.

But his supporting cast, including his coaching staff, probably has to change a lot before he can truly ascend.

And if you still favor the wait and see approach, ask yourself what it is that you are waiting to see. Because for me personally, I’m just waiting for the Chicago Bears to score more than 17 points in regulation.

Let’s get into it. Thankfully, it’s not all terrible.