What we learned from the Chicago Bears win over the Panthers

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Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubisky
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The offense needs to get better

There is no other way to put it: the Chicago Bears’ offense was absolutely horrendous. If the Bears’ defense was not lights-out, the Bears may lose this game.

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky was sacked four times. Now, some of them he should have just thrown the ball away. However, at times, the pass protection was awful. Running back Jordan Howard had 65 rushing yards on 21 attempts.

Now, Trubisky did have a 101.8 passer rating, completing four of seven passes for 107 yards. He could not have done much better than that. Here is a 70-yard bomb to Tarik Cohen.

Trubisky also had a nice 3rd down conversion in the first quarter.

I want to see more of that: good protection and a spread-out offense. The offensive play-calls by Loggains are terrible. All of the run plays are so predictable. It is all run-run-pass on each drive. At the end of the game, Loggains finally called a pass on first down, but it was negated by a penalty.

Basically, the offense played to not lose. After the defense did their job, the offense would basically go three-and-out, to take a couple minutes off of the clock. That is why the defense deserves so much praise. They bailed the offense out.

This needs to change next week. The Saints’ defense is nowhere near as good as the Panthers. It is time to spread out Trubisky’s offense and start calling more passing plays.

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In the end, the Chicago Bears have won two straight and are now 3-4. They are right back in this thing, and we should all be very excited.