Bears defense, Trubisky and Howard steal game from Ravens in 27-24 OT win

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Bears D “takes” game by the horns

The Chicago Bears defense had a dominant day in general outside of a few stretches despite the offense not doing a whole lot to help them out.

In the past, that would be a recipe for disaster. It wasn’t today because the Bears defense actually produced takeaways today.

Yes, the Chicago Bears took the ball away from the other team and not the other way around. I know!

First, Christian Jones ripped Ravens tight end Maxx Williams after a short catch, and Danny Trevathan recovered.

Then, Jackson absolutely annihilated Breshad Perriman as he juggled a pass, causing the ball to pop up in the air. Callahan, who was backing Jackson up on the play, dove to pick the ball before it hit the turf.

And Kyle Fuller, who simply stonewalled anything coming his way today, broke up a pass in the fourth quarter that landed in the arms of Amos (!?!?!?!).

Again…Amos?!? Look at this runback. Who would’ve known he could move like that with the football in his hands.

If we’re going to be honest, this defense was the only reason the Chicago Bears won this football game.

Tarik Cohen gets tricky

Little known fact about the Chicago Bears’ lightning bug running back Tarik Cohen: he threw two touchdown passes in college.

And just six games in his NFL career, he’s already thrown his first in the pros.

Would you look at that? The Chicago Bears don’t like having Zach Miller in the game when Trubisky’s throwing the ball, but for Cohen? Why not?

Also, I have to say that this pass looked terrible when it left Cohen’s hands. Sure showed me…that ended up being an absolute dime.

Good to know that all those incredibly predictable pitches to Tarik finally turned into something useful.

Trubisky drops dimes in big moments

We’ve talked about it countless times: Trubisky possesses amazing athleticism at the quarterback position. And he put it on display a number of times in the second half, including on this touchdown throw.

Remind me again why anyone ever thought Mike Glennon gave the Chicago Bears a better chance to win. This throw, outside the pocket and on the run, was simply perfect.

And this time, he had a man running wide open instead of making this same throw in a contested situation. In that case, I’ll take that throw.

While we’re talking about throws, I’ll take…that throw to Kendall Wright on third down with the Bears just out of field goal range? That’s a big boy NFL quarterback play, and he deserves all the credit in the world for it.

Jordan Howard puts the team on his back in OT

There is nothing wrong with Jordan Howard. The end.

I’m just going to leave this here.