What we learned from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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John Fox can’t be fired soon enough

Just when I think John Fox can’t make any dumber decisions, he proves me wrong. It is like he goes into each week trying to outdo his failures from the previous week. We saw a lot of bad coaching from Marc Trestman, but Fox is quickly approaching that level of stupidity.

Can somebody please explain to me what happened on that fourth down decision by Fox?

Fox sent Trubisky back onto the field with 15 seconds left in the play clock. The punting unit was already on the field. It was a horrible decision by Fox to not have the offense out there sooner. ESPN’s Sean McDonough explained it all perfectly in the broadcast. For a coach on the hot seat, that was just awful.

As for Fox’s coordinators, it is hard to put a bunch of blame on Loggains and Vic Fangio. I’ll go ahead and explain.

Sure, there were times where I wish Loggains would have called running plays, but Jordan Howard ran the ball 19 times while Tarik Cohen ran it 6 times and Benny Cunningham ran it once. So, he did wind up calling more runs than passes. Also, it is probably best we do not let Fox and Loggains run Howard into the ground in this lame duck season.

Loggains is also extremely limited in his personnel. There are no receiving threats, which does make it tough as a play caller. I will reserve judgment for Loggains until I see Trubisky play a few more weeks. He did call a few nice plays, like the two-point conversion and this bootleg here.

As for Fangio, his defense was flying around in the first half. They were constantly applying pressure on Bradford while providing nice coverage on the Vikings’ receivers.

Everything changed when middle linebacker John Timu got hurt. That meant that Jonathan Anderson had to replace him, which was a disaster. Anderson was awful and was out of position for much of the second half.

You can see Anderson fall down while Jones gets absorbed in a block on the touchdown run by McKinnon.

As much as I would like to blame Fangio for allowing Keenum to take over the game, I can not because it is tough to do that when he is playing with his fifth and sixth middle linebacker. Fortunately, Danny Trevathan will return this week against the Baltimore Ravens after serving his one-game suspension.