Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings: Offensive Grades

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Running Backs: C

I still stand by my thought that the running game will improve with Trubisky behind center.

it just didn’t happen yesterday.

A lot of that is on the playcalling and the offense of lines execution, though, so the running backs generally shouldn’t be doing too much.

Jordan Howard, in particular, ran as hard as he always does and forced his way to 76 yards on 19 carries.  And he did that largely with no room to operate. He also would have had a long touchdown to his name,  but his offense just couldn’t let him have that.

If you want to see who is really bringing down the grade, though, check out Tarik Cohen. What in the world has happened to him in the last few weeks?

I thought it curious that Cohen had begun to split snaps more with Benny Cunningham of late after essentially being the Bears’ best offense of player through three weeks. But if he’s doing in practice what he did in the game yesterday, then I think I can see why.

Now, I realize that watching Cohen dart back and forth and change directions is part of the fun of watching him. But the fun stops as soon as he starts dancing around so much that he forgets that end zones often have a very defined north or south direction.

He was doing it all over the place too.  Inside zones. Outside zones. Toss sweeps. Punt returns. You name it, and Cohen ran backward for it.

If the Chicago Bears want to help Trubisky, they’ll need more production from their past catching backs outside of Cunningham’s fake punt reception for a touchdown.

Ultimately, this should come from Cohen. just feed him for a GPS strapped to his helmet or stick a Compass on him. Do something to remind him where the end zone is.