Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings: Offensive Grades

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Offensive Line: D

On one hand, I truthfully think Dowell Loggains deserves some blame for the Chicago Bears’ struggles moving the football at times in this game.

Making the play calls as overly predictable and run-heavy as they were just invited the Vikings to stack the box and come after the Bears’ backfield. Ultimately, the Vikings should have feared the threat of Trubisky play-actions more, but they didn’t. Loggains clearly didn’t call them enough, outside of a bootleg now and again.

But let’s face it: for a lot of the night, the Chicago Bears just got their butts kicked up front.

They struggled to consistently gain yards in the first half with Jordan Howard, though, again, plowing through loaded fronts on nothing but outside zones isn’t easy. Things got better later on, but their mediocre rushing attack played into the Vikings’ hands.

And when the Vikings knew the Bears were going to throw, boy, did they come like bats from hell.

Trubisky often found himself scrambling for his life, though the Bears only yielded one sack.

And on that strip sack at the end of the first half, Charles Leno didn’t even try to block Everson Griffen off the edge. there’s no other way to describe that play.

Also, if someone could figure out what parasitic alien is inhabiting Cody Whitehair’s body, that would be great. Personally, I’m very interested to know what turned him from a potential perennial pro bowler into a guy who can’t make a shotgun snap.