Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings: Offensive Grades

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
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Mitch Trubisky wasn’t bad, but he can’t save the Chicago Bears without any help.

After 11 days of waiting for the supposedly new and improved Chicago Bears offensive game plan with Mitch Trubisky, why were the two most interesting plays a fake punt and a two-point conversion?

Man, if Trubisky didn’t make things more interesting by moving around, that game would’ve been excessively boring. Truthfully, for all the buildup to it, the game was boring. Plus, the results were way too familiar as the Chicago Bears offense did absolutely nothing until the fourth quarter in their 20-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Well…maybe not completely nothing.

They did play really sloppily up front, dropped a few key passes, ran in circles and committed costly penalties. I daresay that counts as SOMETHING. Just not anything that actually helps the Bears win.

And Trubisky by himself couldn’t overcome the early lack of support to just conjure points out of nothing. It’s hard to ask him to be Deshaun Watson right now, given that Watson actually has wide receivers.

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Of course, later in the game, the prized young quarterback also showed he could do bad all by himself.

All in all, on the surface, the final result looked much the same as it usually does for the Chicago Bears offense.

But looking deeper than that will tell you that the Bears have legitimate reasons for hope on offense. They probably just need new coaches, but I might touch on that later this week…

For now, let’s grade this mess.