Bears Week Five Game MVP: Mitchell Trubisky

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Mitchell Trubisky /

A new era in Chicago Bears history started on Monday night, as rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky made his long-awaited debut in the loss.

The box score certainly won’t show it, but last night was a major step in the right direction.

Mitchell Trubisky‘s debut may have been a disappointment for most, and it might have come in a loss. But the impact made by Trubisky goes well beyond the box score.

Rarely will the quarterback be the game MVP in a loss, but this game was different. While there were many flaws and bad moments, Trubiskys play was a major bright spot.

Win or loss, Mitchell Trubisky was solid last night and should not be judged by one game.

The Bad

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First, let’s tackle the bad. Trubisky’s stat line wasn’t anything special; 12 for 25 for 128 yards, a

touchdown and an interception. After completing 6 of his first 8 passes for 55 yards, Trubisky hit a wall, completing just 6 of his last 17 passes.

But it wasn’t all the play of Trubisky. The other 10 players around Trubisky- especially the offensive line, just didn’t step up. Countless penalties made it nearly impossible for the offense to get any sort of rhythm.

The sloppy play of the receivers didn’t do Trubisky any favors either.

The worst part of Trubisky’s night was the late interception to Harrison Smith that set the Vikings up for the game-winning field goal. The throw wasn’t necessarily bad, but as mentioned by Jon Gruden on ESPN’s broadcast of the game, Trubisky needs to know who he’s throwing towards; Harrison Smith is one of the best safeties in the NFL, and Trubisky needs to acknowledge that in the future.

The bottom line is this; Trubisky ultimately (whether it was his fault or not), did not win the game. Unfortunately, that will be what’s most remembered from his debut.

The Good

Trubisky didn’t look “horrible”. In fact, the impact made by Trubisky on and off the field in just his first week as the starter has been a huge lift for the Bears. The feeling of excitement throughout Soldier Field last night was something that hadn’t been felt by Bears fans in a while.

In addition to the feeling of excitement leading up to the game was the exciting play of Trubisky. For the first time in a long time, the Bears have a quarterback that brings speed and the ability to extend plays.

The ability to make these exciting plays and to extend plays was best shown in the Bears game-tying drive. Trubisky’s touchdown pass to Zach Miller came after Trubisky scrambled out of the pocket and made an accurate throw on the run for his first career touchdown pass.

Maybe even more exciting was the two-point conversion trick play, where Jordan Howard flipped the ball to Zach Miller who flipped it to Trubisky who ran it in for the tie. Would Mike Glennon or Jay Cutler have made either of the two plays? Probably not.

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The end point is this; Trubisky’s overall combination of youth, speed, and overall playmaking ability brought a new excitement to the Bears players, coaches, and fans. The play of Mitchell Trubisky might not make him worthy of Week five MVP, but his presence and vibe definitely do. The energy brought on by Trubisky was and will continue to be invaluable.

That is why Mitchell Trubisky is the Bears Week Five game MVP.