How Mitchell Trubisky could change the Chicago Bears offense

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Now that the Chicago Bears have Mitchell Trubisky running the show, how can they use his skills in their offense?

You know what’s way more fun than Green Bay Packers Week (especially when they’re probably going to beat you)?

Mitch Trubisky is Finally Starting” Week!

Yes, this is going to be far more exciting. After all, Trubisky will be the first rookie quarterback to start a game for the Chicago Bears since Kyle Orton did in 2005, per ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson.

And after what we all just endured with Mike Glennon, the rookie should represent a welcome change of pace.

Specifically, Trubisky’s abilities open up every possible door Dowell Loggains could imagine exploring from a playcalling standpoint.

Fortunately, in making this move, Trubisky obviously represents an upgrade with the simple things, for starters.

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For example, he, unlike his predecessor, can take a five-step drop and actually get the ball out immediately. And he has more than enough arm strength and willingness to test secondaries at multiple levels. Plus, he’s shown the ability to calmly go through progressions, move within the pocket and find receivers when his first option isn’t there.

Imagine that.

But Trubisky’s intriguing, unique physical talents should have Loggains’ brain working overtime. And though you don’t want to risk getting too cute in the NFL, harnessing Trubisky’s athleticism could stress opposing defenses to their limits.

Here are a few types of plays that the Chicago Bears can finally run with Trubisky starting as opposed to Glennon. Some of these plays Trubisky simply can run better than Glennon. And some are things that only the rookie could do, which could make things interesting.