Stopping Stefon Diggs will be no easy task for Bears


With a game coming up against the Minnesota Vikings, the team will have to deal with stud receiver Stefon Diggs. That could prove to be a handful.

Throughout the first 4 games of the season, the Chicago Bears pass defense has been in the top 10 in average yards given up per game. That number is very impressive, especially with the 4 quarterbacks they have faced in each of those games. Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers have both won the NFL MVP award in their time, Ben Roethlisberger is a 2 time Super Bowl winner, and Jameis Winston is the future of the Buccaneers. Their week 5 opponent won’t be quite on the level of them, but they do have one of the best receivers in the league in Stefon Diggs.

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So far, according to ProFootballFocus, the Bears corner backs have been in the middle of the pack in terms efficiency. Bryce Callahan currently ranks 39th in the league among all CB’s, Marcus Cooper Sr. ranks 58th, and Kyle Fuller ranks 108th. In all likelihood, Callahan will be given the tough task of trying to stop Stefon Diggs. That task is not easy, as through 4 games Diggs has 391 total yards.

One thing the Chicago Bears will have to watch for is the big play ability, Stefon is averaging just under 18 yards per reception. That number is high enough for 4th in the entire NFL. If the Bears plan on competing in Monday Night’s game they must not allow him to sneak through the defense.

The loss of running back Dalvin Cook, who suffered a torn ACL in Sunday’s game will give the Bears a little bit of an advantage. Instead of having to focus on the rookie running back, the team will be able to play 5, maybe even 6 defensive backs in certain packages. The Minnesota Vikings do not only have Stefon Diggs, they also have Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph who have proven their worth to the franchise.

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No matter which quarterback the Chicago Bears face on Monday Night Football, whether it is Case Keenum, or if Sam Bradford makes his return, they will have their hands full. If the Bears want to prove this season is more than just a rebuilding year, this is the game to win. It is right there for the taking, the only question is, will they reach out and grab the win? Let us know what you think the score of next Monday’s game will be in the comments below!