Chicago Bears: Pros and cons of starting Mitchell Trubisky in Week 5

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Pro 3: The best situation they can give him right now

In my opinion, making the switch now gives Trubisky as good a chance to succeed in his first start as they can currently offer. Furthermore, giving him twelve games potentially to learn in his first season should help him tremendously with his development down the line.

Plus, why not give the rookie a chance to start his first game at home? The familiar environment should help him ease into the game pre-snap. A (hopeful) lack of crowd noise on offense would help make plays easier to hear on the headset and make pre-snap adjustments easier to make.

Obviously, he has to play on the road the very next week, but why throw him into that situation when you can give him a week to adjust in friendlier environs?

Ultimately, the Chicago Bears wisely decided to take that course.

Also, starting him here, outside of doing it at the bye week, gives him the greatest amount of prep time he can get between starts. The Bears can work with him on the game plan they feel suits him best and even get an extra day to get it down pat.

Also, as said before, Trubisky will take some lumps as a rookie. But the key is: let him take those lumps now rather than next year when you should be a better team. With a strong running game and a (for now) healthy offensive line, this is the best opportunity he’s going to get right now to learn at the NFL level.