Chicago Bears: Pros and cons of starting Mitchell Trubisky in Week 5

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Pro 2: This team should be better with Trubisky

As Fox likes to say, no one has a crystal ball and can see for sure how Trubisky will play. Again, I would expect a couple of rookie mistakes, like getting plays in late or holding the ball too long. Probably no first-time starting quarterbacks, including the Tom Bradys of the world, didn’t have a few of those plays.

One thing does seem clear to me, though: the Chicago Bears should easily be a more dangerous football team with him at the helm.

When teams see his arm, his accuracy and athleticism, they’ll realize very quickly that they’re dealing with a very different player than Mike Glennon. That key-on-the-running-game-then-sit-back-in-zone strategy that teams have employed thus far will be much tougher against a guy who can throw the ball competently.

And if the offense performs better, the defense will benefit as well. How many more times can you ask them to clean up a Glennon miscue in their own territory or come back onto the field after three minutes of rest?

If he can elevate the play of the offense, the Chicago Bears could prove better as a team than many assumed. I’m not saying they’ll make the playoffs, but they might move out of top-five pick range at least.