Chicago Bears: Pros and cons of starting Mitchell Trubisky in Week 5

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Con 1: Is he starting too soon?

To preface this, I personally don’t believe it’s too soon to play him.

For one, while he has much to learn, he’s been the best quarterback on this team since he was drafted. He’ll make a few rookie mistakes, but he’s easily good enough to play now. The Chicago Bears clearly think so too, given that they made him the backup and left Mark Sanchez inactive.

Also, I think that we’ve seen enough rookies playing decent football to start the year to know that “throwing them into the fire” doesn’t have to mean they’ll play awfully.

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Still, there’s always going to be a bit of fear about taking the kid out of the bubble wrap.

What if he struggles? What if he commits a bunch of pre-snap penalties? And what if he gets hurt and we have nothing left to care about all year?

That fear is natural. But in the end, what’s he learning right now about actually playing football watching this nonsense? How can you learn how to play without playing?

Hey, Deshaun Watson isn’t “ready” either, and look at what he just did yesterday. Not saying to expect exactly that from Trubisky, but not everything has to be doom and gloom.

At the same time, one can’t completely dismiss those misgivings about whether he’s playing too soon or not. It’ll certainly be incredibly annoying to hear all the “I Told You So”s once he throws his first interception.