Chicago Bears: Pros and cons of starting Mitchell Trubisky in Week 5

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Pro 1: No more Glennon

At this point, who really needs to see any more to know that he should not start another game in Chicago?

Even at home, the Bears didn’t trust him to execute a real NFL offense anyway. In Week 3, they basically forbade him to throw the football further than five yards against the Steelers, which manifested itself in a 101-yard passing game.

And he still managed to throw one pick and nearly tossed another, both in Bears’ territory.

What would lead one to believe that he would perform any better this time around?

One cannot look at this Chicago Bears offense and tell me that Trubisky can’t run it/won’t run it better than Glennon. And truthfully, it’s the former part I’m more concerned with right now.

First off, if the Bears didn’t think he was capable of playing right now, Sanchez would’ve been the backup and Trubisky would’ve been inactive at the start the season, a la Jared Goff last year. And that’s not the case.

Plus, something tells me Trubisky can handle a run-heavy offense with a lot of short/intermediate throws. In fact, I can’t help but feel like, since he’s just a better football player, that he’ll have more success.

Regardless, thank goodness that we don’t have to see this again.