What we learned from the Chicago Bears blowout loss to the Packers

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Chicago Bears John Fox
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John Fox needs to be fired immediately

Talk about being old and behind your time. That is an accurate representation of John Fox. He had many terrible coaching decisions in this game once again.

How many turnovers do you have to see Glennon commit to make a change? Then, after the game Fox says the same ol’ garbage. I do not even know why I am surprised at anything he says at this point.

When John Hussey’s officiating crew gave Martellus Bennett a first down, I was literally yelling that it was a horrible spot. It was clearly short of the sticks and short of the marker. I was begging Fox to challenge it. Finally, Fox decided to pull the red-challenge flag. It was a miracle! It took him 30 seconds to challenge the play after I saw live that it was a fourth down.

Before halftime, the Chicago Bears had the ball in the red zone and the game clock was winding down from about 19 seconds. Fox waited until there were 11 seconds left to finally call a timeout. Tony Romo was amazed and, well, we all were.

Fox has to go, guys. I can not take much more of this idiocy.