What we learned from the Chicago Bears blowout loss to the Packers

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Chicago Bears Mike Glennon
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Mike Glennon is one of the worst quarterbacks in Chicago Bears’ history

What a brutal performance under the lights for  Mike Glennon. I am truly embarrassed that the entire country had to watch him throw the football for the Chicago Bears.

Glennon started his first play of the game with a fumble. That set up the Packers with great field position at the five-yard line. He absolutely put the defense in terrible field position the entire game.

After Green Bay scored to go up 14-0, Glennon then had the ball in Green Bay territory. He looked to the sideline and saw Mark Sanchez. He gave us a flashback to the legendary “butt fumble” by the former New York Jets quarterback against the Patriots in 2012. Glennon then tried to do something just as bad but original in his own way. He came up with the “knee fumble.”

Glennon then threw a horrendous interception down the middle of the field too. Markus Wheaton was open on the route, but Glennon overthrew him by a mile. At this point, Glennon’s confidence had to be shot.

If you thought it could not get any worse, you were wrong. Glennon added another interception to his total. So, count it. That is two fumbles and two interceptions. Take that for data.

I have seen enough. I, seriously, do not know if I can watch Glennon play another game.