Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: Offensive grades

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Offensive Line: C-

You’re going to notice a certain theme as I discuss why the offense struggled in this game today: bad quarterback play affects everyone negatively.

However, while Glennon didn’t do them any favors, the offensive line can’t escape blame for their part in the unit’s struggles.

Despite the offensive line finally playing at full strength, the Chicago Bears couldn’t get the running game going against the Green Bay Packers.

Sure, some of that was because the Packers were daring Glennon and the Bears to throw the football. Actually, maybe a lot of it was. But regardless of the circumstances, you still have to execute your plan, and the Chicago Bears weren’t able to do that up front. Glennon’s fault or not, it still cost them.

Also, the issue of Cody Whitehair’s snaps continues to be a problem.

I’ll go more into the bad snap that Glennon punted into the secondary later, but other examples also struck me. Whitehair’s snapping Glennon the ball high, low, left, right and often anywhere except directly into his hands. Especially for a guy like Glennon, you can’t afford to have a play start off with a bad snap.

On a positive note, the line typically gave Glennon enough time to step up and make throws. In fact, they generally have all season, regardless of who’s been in the game, even if it’s not always perfect. And the strip sack on the first play falls on Dion Sims, not them.

So…positives? I guess?

Whatever, they’ll benefit from a quarterback change as much as any unit.