What we learned from the Chicago Bears win over the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Chicago Bears Mike Glennon
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Mike Glennon is still terrible

If you had told me before the game that Mike Glennon would only throw for 101 yards and throw an interception, I would have said that the Chicago Bears would have lost. However, somehow that is not the case. I am still not sure how the Chicago Bears were able to hold on and beat the Steelers, with Glennon hurting the team the way he did with his ineffectiveness.

Glennon really is a terrible quarterback. He made a few nice throws, like the one to Zach Miller, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. It is clear that Glennon is a detriment to the team and to trot him out there is a disservice to the players on the team.

The interception Glennon had late in the fourth quarter is inexcusable, especially for a veteran quarterback.

Almost all of his pass attempts are checkdowns, which is infuriating. I see other receivers running free, and it seems like Glennon either checks it down or he throws to the first receiver he sees (whether he is covered or not).

Honestly, I am concerned about Glennon on the road in Green Bay on a short week. He really struggled on the road last week in Tampa. Hopefully, this is the last start that Glennon will have this season. It will be interesting to see how he handles the raucous crowd of Lambeau Field in prime-time. Will he prove us wrong or will he crumble? We will find out on Thursday night.