Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Offensive grades

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Chicago Bears Mike Glennon
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Quarterback: D

Sorry, Mike, I don’t agree with you.

That might sound good just because the Chicago Bears actually pulled this one out, but let’s be real here: Glennon’s play didn’t deserve to be rewarded with a win. That credit goes to his teammates.

What exactly is 15-22 for 101 yards good enough for, aside from a 4.6 yards per attempt average?

Why should the Bears feel good about playing a quarterback that opposing defenses don’t respect, opting to just hand the ball off for safety’s sake?

And why should the Bears accept another bone-headed interception in the shadow of their own goal line? How many of these types of messes can the defense be expected to clean up?

Glennon’s goal-line touchdown throw to Shaheen obviously put points on the board for the Bears, but it excuses nothing. Don’t try to tell me that he played well, and don’t try to tell me that the Bears will succeed with this kind of play. It’s impossible.

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I’m patient enough for one more week of this. After that, the Bears have ten days to get Mitch Trubisky prepared to play the Minnesota Vikings.

Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen and the Chicago Bears defense deserve better than this abject disaster.