Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Offensive grades

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Running Backs: A

If you loved Jordan Howard after last year, how much do you love him now?

The 138 yards on the ground (164 total) spoke enough for themselves in terms of their impact on this game. But in the end, his toughness, resilience and simply indomitable will really won the day for the Bears.

He practically had the offensive line ready to climb Mount Everest after the game.

After the second injury timeout involving Howard, I thought he was finished for the game. And at times, the way he seemed hesitant to cut back to his right or spun away from contact to protect himself concerned me. But he kept returning and kept charging forward all the way up until the last play of the game when he scored from 19 yards out.

Of course, he almost didn’t get the chance to play the hero because Cohen nearly beat him to it.

At this point, I’m willing to cement my feelings: he’s the most explosive, exciting Chicago Bear since Devin Hester. Not every run will be huge, but when he breaks one, it’s simply must-see TV.

Just wait until opposing defenses on the schedule see the combined production from Howard and Cohen this game. Oh, how I wish I could see defensive coordinators trying to figure out how to deal with these two going forward…

We just need to stop Tarik Cohen from putting the ball on the ground, and we’re good.