Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Defensive grades

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While the offense did its part to win, the Chicago Bears defense kept doing what it’s been doing all summer and fall in yesterday’s 23-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last week, we saw the Chicago Bears at their worst as an offense, and their failure adversely affected their defense.

Untimely turnovers and ineptitude kept the defense on the field for over 33 minutes of game time, and it showed. The pass rush wore down swiftly, and the defensive backs could no longer run stride for stride with Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson.

To some, the defense looked poor. To me, I just thought they were tired.

So, what happens when the Bears actually have an offense that functions somewhat like a professional offense? How about when the Bears offense controls the clock and doesn’t turn the ball over multiple times?

Their defense isn’t so gassed that they can’t do their jobs. And when they stay as fresh as possible over the course of a game, boy, are they good.

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Along with the running game, the defense ruled the day for the Bears, putting the clamps on the Steelers’ explosive offense. The relentless run defense stymied Le’Veon Bell. The pass rush kept Ben Roethlisberger from truly getting into a rhythm all game. And the oft-doubted secondary fought the Steelers’ explosive receiving corps tooth and nail and never broke.

If you’re a fan of solid defense, I think it’s time to acknowledge that the Chicago Bears have a really underrated unit. If they can stay healthy and stay rested, they will keep this team in a lot of games.

Here’s what I saw from each position group.