Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Five players to watch

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1. Mike Glennon

Earlier this week, Jim Miller went on 670 the Score and suggested that Glennon’s play would determine whether he keeps his job all season or not.

Truthfully, I’m not sure that’s true. I actually think that, at this point, Mitch Trubisky playing this season for the Chicago Bears depends now only on the health of the offensive line and the team’s position after next week. If the season gets away from the Bears, his appearance will be inevitable.

And if Glennon misfires again this week, the clock will only accelerate for his removal.

Mike Tomlin knows what Glennon is; in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, he came out and said it this week.

Of course, Tomlin presented his comments in a more complementary fashion than we do. But if you want to skip the coachspeak, let me translate that: “We’re going to blitz Glennon off the field.”

Expect the Steelers to stack the box just as Tampa Bay did and force Glennon to throw the ball. And when he does, they’ll be pouncing on the short and intermediate stuff. After all, Glennon has only attempted one pass of more than 20 yards in 85 attempts this season.

Unless Glennon starts thinking a little faster under pressure, he’s going to have serious problems on Sunday.

On multiple occasions last week—like his strip sack—he completely missed wide open receivers because pressure bothered him. If the Steelers don’t sit back in zone coverage and give him time, this trend could continue.

And instead of predetermining his reads, he should, you know, actually read the defense. Otherwise, we’ll see more of this.

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Unless Glennon gets hurt, we won’t see Trubisky this week or against the Packers next Thursday. So don’t waste energy calling for it. But if he’s bad again against Pittsburgh, we might see the kid in Week 5.

Every single eye will be watching him, waiting to see him fold. Will he?