Chicago Bears vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Five players to watch

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5. Eddie Jackson

No one on the Chicago Bears defense played exceptionally well last Sunday, not even developing monster Akiem Hicks. But, as I mentioned in the post-game, Jackson comfort level on the field has clearly been increasing in the early stages of his career.

Could Sunday be the day when he makes his first big play?

Jameis Winston threw downfield a few times Sunday, though he didn’t manage to connect with anyone deep. And every time he targeted Jackson’s area, he always proved to be in good position to make a play on an on-target throw. He actually almost jumped a short route on a completion to Cameron Brate, breaking on the ball just a half-second late.

If he keeps improving his timing, that ball, as well as many others, are going to end up in his hands. Also, he’s proven himself an aggressive willing tackler at the line of scrimmage, even getting a tackle for loss last week.

At this point, it’s not unfair to say the Jackson has been the best safety on the Bears thus far, though that’s not saying too much. Quintin Demps might serve well as a veteran mentor, but he hasn’t done a whole lot else for the Bears as yet.

With him emerging and the Steelers keen to throw the ball downfield, look for Jackson to have a chance to get his first pick.

Maybe it’s an omen that the Chicago Bears safeties swiped two passes from Roethlisberger the last time these teams played each other. We’d take that this time around…