Five Fantasy Football options for the Chicago Bears this week

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2. Kendall Wright

Again, a healthy Wheaton helps the Chicago Bears in theory, but Glennon being the Bears’ quarterback will probably negate any fantasy value he might have. If you’ve been watching, you already know that Glennon won’t/can’t throw the ball down the field, which is Wheaton’s primary role.

While I could end up totally wrong about this, something tells me Wheaton won’t put up big numbers in standard or PPR formats. Then again, name me a Bears receiver that you can honestly expect big things from right now with Glennon at the helm. Yeah…tough, isn’t it?

As such, the only Bears receiver that maintains any potential value continues to be Wright. And that’s somewhat sad given that Wright really only has value in PPR leagues.

If nothing else, Glennon loves throwing to Wright on any variety of short routes, and Wright has been open fairly often. Sure, he’s not going to rack up many yards because 1. every defense knows Glennon’s game by now, and 2. Glennon can’t seem to put balls on receivers in a way that lets them pick up extra yards. And he also won’t score that many touchdowns in this situation.

But if you’re hurting for points in PPR leagues and want a guy who will give you something, ANYTHING, Wright at least has an established floor you can work with.