Chicago Bulls: Could Doug Collins hire signal change within organization?

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The Chicago Bulls just hired Doug Collins as a senior advisor to John Paxson. Does he change the dynamic within the Bulls organization, specifically in regards to Gar Forman’s future?

The last time Doug Collins worked for the Chicago Bulls, he was coaching current Bulls executive vice president John Paxson. Nearly three decades later, he’ll be giving him advice in a different role.

Reports announced today that Collins will join the Bulls as a senior advisor in the Bulls’ front office. In this role, he will be reporting directly to executive vice president John Paxson.

The move comes as part of a supposed effort by the Chicago Bulls to “broaden their front office”. Presumably, this means getting extra pairs of eyes on their operation and possibly looking to weed out bad practices. In this way, the Bulls may be hoping that Collins helps the Bulls similarly to the way Jerry West has helped the Golden State Warriors in a similar role.

Change on the Horizon?

More than that, though, his arrival and view of organization could, conceivably, trigger some changes in the front office. Specifically, one must wonder if the doomsday clock has finally started ticking on Gar Forman’s tenure in Chicago.

Rumors have been circulating for months that Paxson has been looking to flex his power in the organization, potentially pushing Forman out in the process. Previously, those rumors centered around Paxson’s brother, Jim, a Bulls consultant who reportedly has quietly taken on more duties.

More from Da Windy City

The Collins move may be yet another step toward Paxson potentially cutting ties with Forman.

Though Paxson and Forman are typically lumped together when people discuss the Bulls’ front office, their view of the Bulls’ direction has not always been identical.

In fact, reports from earlier this year suggested the Paxson was in favor of rebuilding while Forman preferred the status quo. In this article, Kevin O’Connor quotes a league executive that stated, back in February, that Paxson “sees the writing on the wall”.

Well, if he saw it then and opted to move toward rebuilding, perhaps he won’t stop with just the roster itself. He may be willing to blow up a front office and coaching situation that appears to be going nowhere fast.

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And Doug Collins, of all people, might just be the impetus behind making that happen. Hopefully, him coming in with a fresh perspective can help provide further direction for a franchise that still needs it.

Just trying to optimistic here…