What we learned from the Chicago Bears loss to the Buccaneers

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John Fox is as good as gone

Woof. I sat in the stands and basically just shook my head at Fox at various points throughout the game. This guy is a professional football coach? My goodness, I think fans in the stands can make better decisions during the game.

I was absolutely fuming. I mean, this is just football 101. You are down by 23 before the half, and you have a manageable fourth down opportunity at midfield. That just screams to go for it. Not for Fox, though. I swear he would punt it every down if he could. Sometimes I wonder if he has dreams at night where there are just two teams having a punting competition.

Why did he not put in Mitch Trubisky? If Glennon is turning the ball over, he literally serves no purpose. Glennon is supposed to play a protective style of football. He does not have the skill-set to overcome multiple turnovers.

Doesn’t Fox know he is on the hot seat? What is he waiting for in regards to Trubisky? I do not want to hear a word about how Trubisky is not ready to play. He is the number two quarterback on this team. This means he could play at any given moment if Glennon got hurt. If he was not ready, why would they even let Trubisky dress?

As I said earlier, this team thrives on running the football and playing good defense. It is hard to do both of these things consistently if the quarterback is not allowing it to happen.

Glennon makes defenses load the box, and they dare him to throw. When Glennon goes on quick three-and-outs or very short drives, it hurts the defense. It was about a hundred degrees at Raymond James Stadium, with the heat index. Fox allowed these players to wear navy jerseys that trap heat? Yikes.

As if things could not get any worse, Fox says that Glennon will still play next week against the Steelers. This is absolutely maddening. After this, I am not sure Fox will last the entire season as the head coach.

If we do not see better results against the Steelers, something will have to change. This team can not regress in the third year of this regime. I like Ryan Pace, but Fox and Glennon have to go.

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This team looked emotionless at the end of the game, and that reflects poorly on the head coach. I, for one, have seen enough, and I am sure you have to. We need to see improvement as the season progresses, or else black Monday can not come soon enough in January.