Chicago Bears shouldn’t play in another football game until they bench Mike Glennon

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It’s only a matter of time before rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky starts for the Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Bears should’ve never signed Mike Glennon. John Fox should’ve never been hired as the coach of the Chicago Bears. The team continues to embarrass themselves. Let’s stop wasting time. Let’s stop with the BS. This is Chicago. This is a football town. We deserve better.

Let’s stop wasting time. Let’s stop with the BS. This is Chicago. This is a football town. We deserve better.

Bears went into Tampa Bay to play a football game against the Buccaneers. While both teams were on the field for game time, but the problem was the Bucs were the only team that played the game. That’s why the Bucs destroyed the Bears.

It was supposed to be the revenge game for quarterback Mike Glennon, who was on the Bucs last season. The Bears were trailing 26-0 at halftime. They lost the game 29-7. It was a game for one team while the other team just wanted to get a tan.

Mike Glennon is an absolute joke. There is no other way to say it. He is at best a backup quarterback and should not be starting for the Chicago Bears. Chicago doesn’t want him. Sunday against the Bucs was Glennon’s second start since 2014 for a reason. This guy is just a bad football player.

Glennon hasn’t earned anything. Nothing. He is terrible. Glennon had three turnovers before halftime; one of those was a pick six. Again, why is he starting? Bears players after the game insisted that it’s not all on Mike Glennon.


It’s all on Mike Glennon, and the players even know it. He can’t throw the ball deep, can’t extend plays, and can’t even throw accurate passes period. I wish the Bears had a quarterback who can do that.

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Wait a second…we do. His name is Mitch Trubisky.

After the game against the Buccaneers, Coach John Fox said that he is not thinking about benching Glennon and starting Trubisky.

Well, John Fox, that’s just sad. You are 9-25 as the head coach of the Chicago Bears. You are 0-8 in September as the coach for this team. You haven’t won one game in September, and this is your third season with the team. Are you kidding me?

Hey, Ryan Pace, can you tell John Fox that it’s Trubisky time because no one wants to see Glennon anymore? You are not off the hook. You also deserve a lot of blame for this mess.

The Chicago Bears are a better team with Mitch Trubisky as the starting quarterback, and everyone in the world knows it.

I guarantee you that the Bears would be 2-0 right now if they started Trubisky in the beginning of the season. No doubt in my mind. Shame on the Chicago Bears organization for wasting everyone’s time. The coaching staff will lose the locker room if they continue to start Glennon.

You have to earn your spot on the team. Everyone fights to make the 53-man roster. The quarterback position is the only position at which the Bears are not playing their best player. Mike Glennon hasn’t earned anything. Mitch Trubisky outplayed him in the preseason.

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Trubisky should be starting for the Bears, not Glennon. Bears fans deserve better. You draft players so they can play for your team, not for them to be a cheerleader. The organization should be ashamed of themselves. Is Virginia McCaskey pissed yet? Because Bears fans are.