Chicago Fire: Bastian Schweinsteiger Signing Gives Much-Needed Spark to Organization

Perhaps one of the worst teams in MLS, the Chicago Fire have made a potentially huge move in acquiring German midfielder and stand out star Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The Chicago Fire have been pretty irrelevant in the MLS as of late finishing in dead last the last two seasons and missing out on the playoffs in six of the last seven seasons. But that didn’t stop them from pursuing a top player in the world in German superstar Bastian Schweinsteiger. He has signed a one-year deal, the team announced.

Schweinsteiger, now 32-years-old, is leaving Manchester United where he would like to put this past year behind him and start fresh. After Manchester United hired new head coach Jose Mourinho, Schweinsteiger found himself on the outs with his old club.

Of course, leaving one of the top teams in the entire sport for a bottom dwelling team in the MLS, doesn’t exactly make sense for a superstar player. However, Schweinsteiger is 32 years old and has already accomplished so much in his sport that for him this move could be a perfect fit.

Just like when David Beckham signed with the LA Galaxy, everyone was skeptical and had their doubts about his commitment and if he would really stay for the long haul. Years later, the MLS has seen many star players from overseas come and join one of their franchises. Most would say that Beckham helped pave the way for the MLS today.

Schweinsteiger is a winner, plain and simple. He helped Germany win the 2014 World Cup and help lead his old German club team Bayern Munich to a second place finish in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Finals. He has a total of 24 goals in 121 appearances for the German National team.

Not only has he proved his worth on the field but he also is a natural leader, and with a young Chicago Fire team, this match could be a great one for both sides. Now obviously his signing doesn’t immediately put the Fire to the top of the standings. However, fans should see a real difference on the field once Schweinsteiger gets his feet wet with his new teammates.

The Chicago Fire have a long way to go to return to a top team in the MLS, but this signing could be that spark that has been needed for years now.

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