Chicago Bears: Top quarterback prospects in 2016 draft

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Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Kessler (6-foot-1, 215 pounds) — USC

If Kessler was three inches taller and 20 pounds heavier, he would be the biggest name in the quarterback class this year.

This season, he threw for 3,315 yards with 28 touchdowns and just six interceptions, while completing 68 percent of his passes. That was after he had 3,505 yards with 36 touchdowns and four interceptions while completing 71 percent of his passes.

Kessler is considered undersized at quarterback, and his lack of a powerful arm is considered a big weakness in the NFL.

There was another quarterback that had the same things said about him. A certain guy named Russell Wilson was considered too short to see over the sea of huge linemen. He seems to be doing well, however.

Unlike many other quarterbacks in college these days, Kessler played in a pro-style offense, so that experience will be invaluable for him.

Kessler shows a great amount of patience in the pocket, often scanning his second and third options before deciding where to throw. He also shows great anticipation, throwing the ball before the receivers make their breaks and delivering right on target.

Kessler has light feet, and he is able to move around the pocket. He shows remarkable accuracy when throwing on the run. He has tremendous leg strength, so he can tuck the ball and run it.

Kessler will have a tough job to try to convince scouts that he can be a starter on the NFL level. They just do not like small athletes, so he will just have to force them to change their minds on him.

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