Chicago Bears: Top quarterback prospects in 2016 draft

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Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

With the Chicago Bears eliminated from the playoffs, drafting players to help the team is extremely important. Here are some quarterback prospects who could interest the Chicago Bears in the 2016 NFL draft.

The Chicago Bears are once again missing out on the playoff party. With their loss against the Minnesota Vikings, it will be five years in a row and eight out of nine that they have not been invited to the party.

With the playoff talk now over, the Chicago Bears now need to turn their attention to solidifying the roster. With the trades they made early in the season (Jared Allen, Jonathan Bostic), the Bears have stockpiled some draft picks. They have nine picks in the upcoming draft, and with about $50 million in cap space (so far), the roster in 2016 should be very different.

One area the Chicago Bears need to address is quarterback. Yes, Jay Cutler will most likely be at the helm next season, he is not the team’s future. His price tag plummets after 2016, so you could expect a trade or a cut soon after next season.

It is time for the Bears to draft his replacement. They need to find a quarterback who can sit and learn for a season or so, then start a new era.

I know that the Cutler defenders will call me or whoever agrees with me a hater, but Cutler is 32 years old, and after ten seasons, he is what he is.

There is nothing on the quarterback free agent market, so drafting one should be a priority.

Here are some quarterback prospects the Chicago Bears should be interested in:

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