Chicago Bears: Who should stay and who should go

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Alshon Jeffery — Wide Receiver

Here is where the Chicago Bears are in a conundrum. Alshon Jeffery is a dynamic receiver. He is amazing at going up and going after a football. He extends the field and attracts a lot of defenders so other receivers become open.

With all of Jeffery’s greatness, he has trouble staying on the field. Whether it is his finger, foot, shoulder, groin or hamstring, there is something just waiting to go wrong on his body that will keep him out of games.

Here is an example of the frustrations of having Alshon Jeffery: This season, he has gotten over 100 yards in receiving in half of the games he’s played in. He has a total of 797 yards, and is averaging 15.0 yards per receptions and 99.6 yards per game.

The trouble is Jeffery has only played in eight of the Bears’ thirteen games. With them playing in close games nearly every week (nine of their last ten games have been decided by six points or less) having Jeffery out has really cost them.

Also, Jeffery has had trouble getting into the end zone. When it comes to that, he and Cutler have not been on the right page. So far, he has just three touchdowns.

Jeffery will command a big-time contract in free agency. There could be some other good choices that may fit the Bears’ system and come cheaper than what Jeffery may want. They can also draft a receiver and have him under control for a few seasons. Remember, too, that they will have Kevin White, who will be fully healthy next season.

Jeffery is a pretty good receiver, but for the money he will likely demand, there are better options out there, and the Chicago Bears need to let him go.

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