Chicago Bears: Who should stay and who should go

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Jarvis Jenkins — Defensive Tackle

Jarvis Jenkins underperformed in Washington, and as a result they let him go after last season.

The Chicago Bears picked him up, and signed him to a one-year, “prove it” contract.

Well, he has proven to be a solid player, and a great leader.

Jenkins is having a career year, recording four sacks and thirty tackles, both career-bests. With the loss of Jay Ratliff earlier in the season, he has also been a great help for rookie Eddie Goldman.

Jenkins understands how he took being in the NFL for granted, and he is making the best of his second opportunity.

"This feels to me more like a family-oriented place. Here, when a DB gets a pick, you see five, six defensive linemen running downfield. You admire that, and I want to be a part of that. It’s very special here. Now I have a second chance to establish myself and make this my permanent home. There’s more urgency for me to stay here, so I want to get my production up and be more of a leader."

I think the feeling is mutual with the Chicago Bears. Jenkins has been productive, and he will be rewarded with a new contract. Now let’s see if he still remembers how not being wanted by the league feels like when he is getting paid.

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