Chicago Bears: Who should stay and who should go

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Antrel Rolle — Strong Safety

The Chicago Bears got all the looks at Antrel Rolle for the season. He was just placed on season-ending injured reserve with a knee injury.

Rolle sprained his MCL during non-contact drills the day before the Bears’ November 22nd game against the Denver Broncos. He missed the last four games, and played in just seven games this season due to injuries. He recorded just 35 tackles this season.

While Rolle had trouble getting and staying on the field, he has done a lot of good still. He has been a pretty good leader. He has tutored Adrian Amos, who has had a strong rookie season.

The problem is that the Chicago Bears did not pay Rolle to just be a coach. He was paid to play, and he just has not done enough of it.

Rolle signed a three-year contract with the Bears, but his guaranteed money came this season. The team could cut him in the offseason and save themselves $3 million.

Rolle has always been a durable player, but it seems time is starting to beat him. He is 32 years old, and I don’t see his health being better.

I think the Bears will look elsewhere for a safety. They can look and see what options there are in free agency, but they will probably draft another safety.

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